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By Ross

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The Canonical Chronicle - Anchorman

This weeks meme infused SEO news is Anchorman themed! Let us know in the video comment what movie you want us to meme next week.


The Canonical Chronicle 69 - Mobile First Indexing

TLDR;🖼️ Google Launch a social platform called Keen ⛔ Google has banned certain ad targeting and clickbait📹 Youtube has new lead gen ads📱 John Muller gives Mobile Indexing advice 🙃 Nofollow is a thingGet this weeks SEO News as a Google Slide Deck to share w...


The Canonical Chronicle #68 - No Such Thing as a Bad Link

Hello everyone,Welcome to another Canonical Chronicle. It’s been an interesting old week in the world of agency land and search in general.


Google is going through their artsy experimental phase on the SERPs

Google is 21 years old. When I was 21, I went through an experimental artsy phase where I thought I wanted to be a pro guitar player….I also had the hair to match.


Google Rolls Out Organic Product Listing in Mobile

Last week, Google changed desktop SERPs to include favicons, which had SEOs scratching their heads. It seems that Google have purposefully made it more difficult to distinguish ad listings from organic listings, all in the hope of driving more clicks to the...


Chrome To Block Push Notifications

Welcome to the first Canonical Chronicle newsletter of the decade. Grab a cuppa, sit back and relax, this one is going to be a good one.This week in search we talk about Chrome Blocking push notifications by default and the implications of Duck Duck Go bein...


Review Snippets on Oats

And breathe. Nothing major happened this week from an algorithmic point of view but we have now got a bunch new page speed insights inside of search console to play with. Yey!Here is this weeks Google slide deck with all the news as well as some short tutor...


Optimising for BERT

This week there was a major update to the way Google serve results but the SEO community have been relatively chilled about it as there has been no real casualties from the update despite it affecting 10% of queries.Here is this weeks Google Slide deck with...


Optimising for Dark Mode

Welcome to the first ever Canonical Chronicle newsletter. It's only taken us 3 years to send one. Huzzah!This week in search we talk about optimising for dark mode, new augmented reality ad formats, how google treats 404s and a new 'search by image' feature...