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The meme infused SEO news that stops your rankings from tanking.

The meme infused SEO news that stops your rankings from tanking.

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We're back

If you are planning on coming to Brighton SEO next week, I'd love to catch up with you. I'm doing a live podcast recording for "and we have an office dog" with Carrie Rose and Nicola Stott, hosted by Chris Simmance. There are only 11 tickets left . There is a…


The Canonical Chronicle - Anchorman

This weeks SEO slide deck to share with your team with links and resources to all the SEO news covered this week.


The Canonical Chronicle 69 - Mobile First Indexing

I've been playing around with a new reporting tool called SERPsketch that tells you the SERP coverage in pixels for your site. It's an interesting way of working out how much "real estate" you have in the SERPs instead of the usual ranking reportsI've also be…


The Canonical Chronicle #68 - No Such Thing as a Bad Link

In this weeks SEO news:🍻 SEO Conferences being a thing of the past💸 The Google Ads Guy running Organic at Google🐦 New Measures to stop Clickbait on Twitter⛔ Google’s new Webspam report🔗 How to approach link building in 2020Here is the Google Slide deck with t…


Google is going through their artsy experimental phase on the SERPs

Well, it seems Google is also going through a similar phase as the SERP layouts having been all over the place. First favicon, then none. Removing URLs used in rich snippets, then back. Due to the changes, achieving position zero or a featured snippet have co…


Google Rolls Out Organic Product Listing in Mobile

In The NewsDoes She Know That She's An Ad?!Google have now made it much more difficult to distinguish a SERP listing which is an ad from a natural listing. This is a clear effort to drive more clicks to their paid ads.Expect Google to play around with differe…


Chrome To Block Push Notifications

Welcome to the first Canonical Chronicle newsletter of the decade. Grab a cuppa, sit back and relax, this one is going to be a good one.This week in search we talk about Chrome Blocking push notifications by default and the implications of Duck Duck Go being …


Review Snippets on Oats

And breathe. Nothing major happened this week from an algorithmic point of view but we have now got a bunch new page speed insights inside of search console to play with. Yey!Here is this weeks Google slide deck with all the news as well as some short tutoria…


Optimising for BERT

This week we have been pitching our little faces off as more people contact us with their left over Q4 budgets that haven't yet been spent. As we are now growing a little bit too big for an all hands standup every morning we've updated the agency structure in…


Optimising for Dark Mode

On the 30th of October, I will be hosting the Global Marketing Day Conference. It's 24 hour online conference being broadcast from London, New York, San Fransisco and Sydney. It's being organised by SEMrush and they already have 40,000 people…