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Google Rolls Out Organic Product Listing in Mobile

The Canonical Chronicle
Google Rolls Out Organic Product Listing in Mobile
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Last week, Google changed desktop SERPs to include favicons, which had SEOs scratching their heads. It seems that Google have purposefully made it more difficult to distinguish ad listings from organic listings, all in the hope of driving more clicks to their ads (evil laugh).
Here is this weeks Google slide deck with all the news. Share it with your team to keep them up to date with the algorithm changes and SERP movements every week.

In The News
Does She Know That She’s An Ad?!
Google have now made it much more difficult to distinguish a SERP listing which is an ad from a natural listing. This is a clear effort to drive more clicks to their paid ads.
Expect Google to play around with different SERP layouts in the coming weeks. One Google spokesperson has said that “The design has been well received by users on mobile screens…” Ok Google, we’re sure it’s the users you’re making this change for ;)
Google’s Dataset Search Engine Gets Fresh Update!
Recent updates to Google’s dataset search engine should have data scientists excited! … kind of.. you can now filter data by data type (like tables, images, etc.) or filter for free vs paid data.
If you want to get your own data into the dataset search engine then you will need to mark your data up with structured data.
Google Update their Mobile Guidelines
Google have made an update to their documentation which states that content on a mobile device should be the same as on a desktop. If it’s not then you may experience traffic loss, yikes…
YMYL Hit By Algo Update
The biggest niches to be hit were YMYL (your money, your life) sites. Check out our video with tips on protecting yourself from future algorithm updates.
Google Displaying Product Carousels In Natural Listings
Organic listings will now show product carousels. If you want your products to show, then make sure you’re submitting your feed in Google’s merchant centre.
Google Acquire Pointy
Google have bought Pointy, a company helping local shopkeepers to understand their inventory. This could mean GMB profiles will show local shop inventory numbers.
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