The Canonical Chronicle #68 - No Such Thing as a Bad Link





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The Canonical Chronicle
The Canonical Chronicle #68 - No Such Thing as a Bad Link
By Type A Media • Issue #7 • View online
Hello everyone,
Welcome to another Canonical Chronicle. It’s been an interesting old week in the world of agency land and search in general.

The SEO News
In this weeks SEO news:
🍻 SEO Conferences being a thing of the past
💸 The Google Ads Guy running Organic at Google
🐦 New Measures to stop Clickbait on Twitter
⛔ Google’s new Webspam report
🔗 How to approach link building in 2020
Here is the Google Slide deck with this week’s SEO news to share with your team.
From SEO Twitter
Aleyda Solis
Can you guess what happened here?

PS: I'll answer in a bit 😉
Google Webmasters
Search Off the Record podcast 🎧 : 1s episode is here 🎉!

Have a listen to @johnmu @g33konaut and @methode as they discuss:

🎙️ pop filters (or the lack of 😆)
🚫🔗 nofollow links
🖥️ Core Web Vitals
...and more!

Listen to the full 1st episode →
Martin Splitt at 🏡🇨🇭
I made a bookmarklet to view the rendered source (aka the DOM) of a page. 👀
🚀 Works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and possibly others, too.
🌈 Beautifies the code
🎨 Includes syntax highlighting

💻 Get the bookmarklet at 👉 👈
This Agency Life
Things are starting to pick up more at the agency in terms of leads and sales with a lot of people feeling like they have weathered out the worst of the storm. 
The team is going from strength to strength and I am learning a lot as a leader. In particular, the difference between:
  • setting a direction vs planning and budgeting
  • Aligning people vs organising and staffing
I read a HBR article called One More Time by Frederick Herzberg about motivation that discusses the principle of KITA - kick in the ass. 
He uses an analogy that really sticks with me:
“If I kick my dog (from the front or the back), he will move. And when I want him to move again, what must I do? I must kick him again. 
Similarly, I can charge a person’s battery, and then recharge it, and then recharge it again. But it is only when one has a generator of one’s own that we can talk about motivation. 
One then needs no outside stimulation. One wants to do it.”
Essentially, he is saying that outside motivations, whether it be the carrot or the stick, don’t work. Motivation comes from a person feeling a sense of achievement and fulfillment. As a leader you need to see past the billable work the company does and facilitate the teams goals and help them hit those achievements.
Things to procrastinate to
I enjoyed this podcast by Noah Kagan. Lots of topics covered from marketing, to staffing, to growing businesses. 
For those building teams, I stumbled across the Netflix Culture Deck from 2009 - an amazing document that really stands the test of time.
The SEO News
In an attempt to get the studio feel back to our videos, I’ve turned my 500 sq ft apartment into a studio to ramp up the production quality - I’d love to know what you think.
How Professional SEO Agencies build Google Approved Backlinks
How Professional SEO Agencies build Google Approved Backlinks
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