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The Canonical Chronicle 69 - Mobile First Indexing

The Canonical Chronicle
The Canonical Chronicle 69 - Mobile First Indexing
By Type A Media • Issue #8 • View online
🖼️ Google Launch a social platform called Keen 
⛔ Google has banned certain ad targeting and clickbait
📹 Youtube has new lead gen ads
📱 John Muller gives Mobile Indexing advice 
🙃 Nofollow is a thing
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This weeks Canonical Chronicle
Mobile First Indexing SEO Tips from Google
Mobile First Indexing SEO Tips from Google
From the Twittersphere
Data Studio Hacks
SEOs of the world, you're going to love this GIF:

How to start analyzing and viewing a @screamingfrog crawl in a few minutes.

It looks like magic, but it's only Google Data Studio :)
Confirmed Ranking Factors:
• PageRank ✅
• Mobile-Friendly ✅
• Page Experience ✅🆕

Awaiting Confirmation:
• "Long Clicks" ⚡️
• Truthiness 👩‍🔬
• Website Sex Appeal 🕺
Things to Procrastinate to
I’ve been playing around with a new reporting tool called SERPsketch that tells you the SERP coverage in pixels for your site. It’s an interesting way of working out how much “real estate” you have in the SERPs instead of the usual ranking reports
I’ve also been digging into Notion to build an agency command centre and have been finding the Notion tutorials by August Bradley invaluable.
A friend of mine has just launched a new outreach management tool called Acadia. I’m on the waiting list to try it out. It promises to automate the tedious parts of link building - excited to try it out.
This Agency Life
This week has been a mixed bag at Type A. We won a new pitch for a digital PR client and also lost one. 50% batting average isn’t too bad so I’m happy that things are getting back to normal.
I’ve also been clearing out our old office and giving away all of the STUFF we have accumulated over the years. As I was organising for the disposal of everything, I was reminded of a quote I read this week in Walden by Henry David Thoreau:
“…the cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run”
We take some many things into our business and lives without thinking of them. From that new tool that we must have, to the upgraded computer screen to the back support for your ergonomic chair, to the multipack of post-its, the list is endless.
So from now on, before I invite anything into my life, I’m going to work out the amount of life required in exchange for it.
Have a great weekend.
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